Being “THAT” man

Life is an endless road of possibilities
Life is an endless road of possibilities

So while processing my Facebook page the other day, I came across this post by a friend of mine on the 45 Ultimate Tips for Men. I read through them and totally agree that these are an awesome guideline to share with your sons.

From the batch of 45 I really agree with these 10!

  1. Go for the person you perceive to be “out of your league” .. everyone needs love, so you may just be surprised
  2. A small amount of your pay check should be put away into a savings account
  3. Call your parents every week
  4. Ask more than you answer, everyone likes to speak about themselves
  5. Find your passion and figure out how to be paid for it!
  6. No matter their job status, everyone deserves your respect!
  7. Never stop learning
  8. Always dress to impress
  9. If you’re the smartest person in the room .. then you’re in the wrong room
  10. Don’t change yourself to make someone happy .. unless that someone is YOU!