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Our clever young infant …

Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence

I am sure that you are a parent just like all others today and before you, in that you want your child to be exceptionally intelligent and be successful in all they do. So, we’re always looking at purchasing the right toys to stimulate them, avoiding “baby talk” as we want our child to be speaking properly as quickly as possible, all this and of course making sure that they eating the right foods and watching the right TV programs if they even watching ..

But does all this really help you in bringing up an Einstein?

I came across this article Easy ways to make your baby smarter, if you haven’t, take a moment and read it .. basically dote your child with love and the rest will fall into place …

Basically if you share love with your child and allow them the feeling of security you’re more than half way there. Then add fun stimulating activities to their day-to-day routines and this is believed to be the way … If your read the article you will see that there is age appropriate activities that you could consider to correctly stimulate your growing child.

As already mentioned above, show your child love by engaging with them through regular chats with them, moments of laughter and fun play, Idols sessions through the day and you could be on your way to making a confident child secure in their abilities and curious to push boundaries and believe that anything is possible!

Give it a try if you’re starting off and let us know how you progress, and if you a seasoned parent did this theory work for you?


Thank you for providing this insightful article. 


2 thoughts on “Our clever young infant …”

  1. Thank you for your comment Sandra. Valuable points made and I agree all contribute to raising a well balanced individual.

  2. Being a mom of two daughters, a teenager (15 going on 19) and a pre-teen (10 going on 11), i’d say I am a seasoned parent! I believe the best tools we can equip our children with are knowing God, Love, empathy, and sense of belonging. With these as a strong foundation they should grow up into well rounded individuals who will learn to think clearly, consciously and confidently. This is my wish and prayer!

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