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Back home again ..

Delish cupcake from Charly's Bakery
Delish cupcake from Charly’s Bakery

The breakaway was awesome, less the wind. We managed to spend some quality time as a family, watched our little man grow and explore a different world to what he is accustomed to and much more. Importantly though, we all had fun!

During the break we got to visit places that I’ve been wanting us to see for the longest time, but there was always a reason why these could wait! Places like Bo Kaap and Charly’s Bakery. We managed to visit a few beaches, but JJ wouldn’t have any of it. It’s not the first time this has happened, so now I’m not sure if he has something against beach sand or the cold beach waters of the Western Cape. For some reason I think he just hates the sand .. we really hope he out grows this phobia as both parents love the beach.

Another reason the break was pleasing is that our little man and hubby’s sister managed to spend some quality time together. See aunty Shaz for some reason wasn’t comfortable spending time alone with our young man. You know how there are some dads who refuse to hold their baby child until a certain age as they are not comfortable holding any child younger? They fear that they could cos harm to the youngster, which of course isn’t true, but hey .. so it was really good to see her make time for JJ and actually enjoy it .. although I fear she would never admit to that or perhaps she may. You see she has offered to babysit our young man when next we venture out her way … will keep you posted on that one.

Bo Kaap
Bo Kaap

During our stay in Green Point we went for regular walks along the promenade daily, and I was inspired to get me feet sorted by the experts at the Sports Science Institute by Podiatrist Chris DelPierre. It was a brilliant experience and Chris was amazing and I got to experience how the professional sportsmen such as the WP Rugby team players, and Bokke are treated when injured during play. He explained the pain I felt in the past and the cause, and his recommended treatment. Last night I finally tried it out. Started off well but after 30 minutes my worst fears became reality. Hubby reckons I need to give it a few more attempts. I shall …

While in Cape Town, hubby spent a good part of the day working and keeping up with his office. This was part of the agreement while we were away .. so I couldn’t complain much about that now could I ..

Following a week in Cape Town, it was time for us to move on to our next destination, Tulbagh. Here we stayed at beautiful old farm called Manely Wine Lodge. Quiet place out in what seems like the middle of nowhere. The manageress of the lodge a gorgeous young lady by the name of Dapheny was amazing. Super helpful and had her guests attended to by her staff who were ever so friendly and always smiling. I’ve become so used to not receiving this type of service back home, that I found it unusual … in a good way! The whole town seems like it has stopped in time. One main street with not too many of the fashion stores we’re accustomed to out here, and no competition among the large supermarkets either. Surprisingly a SPAR and their only competition being family run superettes or spaza shops.

The area has some really great wines being produced by the local wine farms, so much so we ordered ourselves two boxes shipped out to us here. Yes, that’s how amazing their wines are!

Cape Sunsets
Cape Sunsets

Sunday bright and early we made our way to the airport, arriving slightly late for our check in. It now seems that in the rush of dropping off our rented car and checking in we left a toy hubby bought earlier in the week for our young man. Very unfortunate, as JJ had literally hand-picked the toy himself and was becoming quite fond of the toy.

Funny we’re almost at the start of our first weekend post our break, and it feels like it was a while ago we were in Cape Town. Fortunately, this has been a short week for us, and one where I’ve concluded our bookings for our next breakaway! More on that later ….

While we enjoyed the pleasures of life other realities happened around us…. OP court case continues in Pretoria and Malaysia Airways is searching for a missing plane.

For the rest .. life continues as normal!