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Wind Wind Go Away!

Charley's Bakery
Charley’s Bakery

Today started off rather low-key. Hubby went to gym while JJ and I chilled some at home. At some point over the last 48 hours, hubby decided he was finally ready for tattoo number 3. While JJ and I were chilling I decided to surf the net in search of possible tattoo artist out here in Cape Town. There are a few, but we decided to base our decision on this list of supposedly the best Cape Town has to offer in this field. We hit the road and did our best to locate the top three on the list in the hopes that at least one of them had an opening this week. The experience left much to be desired really. Sins of Style the artists were nowhere to be located and the others were fully booked! Basically we travel back to Jozi sans a new tattoo!

For a while now, every trip to Cape Town I’ve wanted to visit Charly’s Bakery. After I thought I had located the address on our Garmin, we let it lead us finally to this famous local bakery. Oh dear me, we landed up somewhere in the south of Cape Town. Let me just state that the area we ended up in does not have the best of reputations in this side of the world in terms of safety. Hubby got wound up so fast, a yoyo could not compete! Eventually we used hubby’s Samsung S4 and Google Maps to direct us and voila we were standing at the bakery in no time at all!

We took a few pictures in the bakery, and order some cakes for us with coffee before sitting outside to enjoy them. Yep the cakes were amazing! The wind made it a tad bit uncomfortable, further distressing was that the tent they have outside their front door needed attention and their suppliers did this while we sat there enjoying our cakes! I hastened hubby to finish eating quick so that we could get out of there in case the pole they were busy replacing left their hands and landed on us!

Home for the afternoon, and we took our now “regular” walk to the local park so that JJ could spend some time outdoors running around with dadD. While they were enjoying the park I decided to go for a run along the promenade. It certainly was a beautiful experience and totally understand why those that are fortunate enough to live out on the coast take this opportunity and appreciate the “fresh” air .. in most cases and beautiful scene and sunsets.

Jogging with my son
Jogging with my son

Rest of the evening was low-key, JJ was asleep by 730pm. Yep he is out for the count much later while we here. Hubby and I caught up with the Oscar Pistorius(OP) case, and were both rather disappointed in yesterday’s witness Darren Fresco who came across as arrogant and attempting to protect OP while giving his testimony during questioning my the prosecutor. – UPDATE: this morning during cross-examination Darren seems to have incriminated himself and accused of “fabricating his responses”. We will wait and see how his responses affect him in the future….

Right now though, I’m alone in the apartment while hubby and JJ have gone off to meet with the in-laws. Some “me-time” for me while OP’s case continues in the background.

It’s funny a week ago I couldn’t wait to start this break, we’re now halfway through it. I guess as quickly as we want our goals or trips to arrive, just as quickly the trip itself goes by and before you know it you’re back at your desk.