Wet..Miserable .. BUT… happy :-)

One minute I’m packing up my desk to start my weekend last week Friday, and today I’m back at my desk! I swear this planet is spinning twice as fast as it used to when I was growing up. To top it all it rained almost all weekend, hmm rather it drizzled which actually is more irritating that a proper rain storm.

I’m sure that’s exactly how JJ feels now. For all weekend he was processing uttering that I am sure in his mind made a lot of sense, but unfortunately, in our world it meant nothing! All weekend our little man would not stop voicing his opinion for every activity we did. It is very cute watching him and listening to him and responding in proper words, we don’t believe and responding in “baby-talk”.

Saturday was pretty busy, running around to complete errands that we could not put aside any longer. Before we started that though, hubby went for his last road ride before his big race, THE ARGUS 2014, next weekend. He came home quite happy with his efforts, so I’m guessing the ride went well! Our little man didn’t seem to be feeling well so clung to me like glue. He had a bit of a fever last night but all seems right this morning. Then for some odd reason our DSTV decoder pack up in the week, so on Saturday we had to get over to their offices out in Randburg to have them sort it. We came home with a “new” one only to discover that this one worked and our extra-view had stopped … #icouldscream!

Come Sunday morning we were all up bright and early to start the day. We actually left the house before 9am! Yes I still can’t believe it either! We had an early breakfast at Carmelitas, this place has its days I tell you. A month before we had been there and had exceptional services, yesterday our waiter up and leaves us to do a delivery and forgets to hand us over to one of his colleagues. Incompetence I do not tolerate like this, so I mentioned to his management and I dare say I hope they listened and act on it … she gave me a great acting performance of caring about what I was saying .. I tried not to be all “diva-like” 🙂


Sundays are also my afternoon to spoil my family via their tummies, I dare say I enjoy it, As it allows me to escape into whatever creation I am attempting and along with some music in the background while hubby and son entertain themselves. I tried out a new dessert recipe, made some dinner and some biscuits for JJ in the week. Hubby loved dinner, prawns with lemon and butter sauce with veggies and the dessert he went with two helpings which isn’t normal for him on a Sunday evening.

Overall a really stunning weekend with my modern family. Full of love and appreciation.