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Driving and Family …

JJ Observing
JJ Observing

This past weekend we had to basically be in two countries to meet both work and family commitments. So bright and early last week Friday we made our way to my folks in Swaziland. After four hours of non stop driving and our little man sleeping in the back seat we finally arrived at the border. Going through the south of Swaziland is always such a pleasant breeze and the border isn’t as frequented as the other more popular ones in the north of Swaziland.

Mom was home, but dad was at work and little brother was at school. So for an hour we spent some quality time with mom, before it was time for hubby to get back into the car and make tracks towards Sabie. He fought it but he had no choice but to eventually say goodbye and leave for the border .. yes the very same border we had just crossed. Hubby traveled for another four hours before he finally arrived and started work for the weekend. It felt weird seeing him leave us, not sure why, as he has traveled on weekend before for work. Somehow, this time just felt different.

The rest of Friday JJ, the family and I spent chatting and baking as we caught up. It had been two months since we had last seen each other, over Christmas. Amazing how much happens in that time. For one, little brother just seems so much more grown up compared to when we saw him over Christmas. His confidence levels seem to have received a boost of sorts and he speaks to all more openly and shares so much more too. I don’t see him too often so our relationship isn’t the strongest, but we do try. He seems to respect me as the older brother, and I that he is now a grown man with opinions and thoughts of his own on many a subject.

Our little man on the other hand was playing the very shy card. I appreciate that all was seemingly new to him, but for someone who is normally out and about exploring his surroundings this weekend he didn’t seem to be too keen on it. He clung to me the entire time, refusing to be left alone at any time or even allow me to be out of sight. Towards the end of Friday evening he did seem to warm up some towards little brother, but nothing to get excited about.

Overall JJ had an easy night but was up at literally when the cock crowed! Yes, that is how farmy the area my folks currently reside in is. After his morning milk bottle he decided it was time to get up and woke up the house. No one was spared. We all got up for an early cup of coffee before we had to start getting ready to travel up to my sister’s house.

My sister held a little birthday party for my nephew’s mates and for most of the afternoon JJ would not leave me alone, then out of the blue he started to wonder off towards the Jumping Castle, he would stand around observing the goings before rushing back to me for a wee bit. This went on for most of the afternoon, right up until all the guest had left.

Sunday he actually slept in … ok it was just for an hour longer than normal .. still now anything beats waking up at 5am just for a bottle of milk and sweet conversation … then it was time to pack and start making our way home. When we arrived at the border JJ started his non stop baby talk, anyone that would look in his direction was confronted with a whole bunch of baby talk. He had a go with both countries passport controllers, as well as the cashiers at the restaurants at the filling stations.

I admit, hubby and I found all this so very entertaining. At one point while we were enjoying our early lunch, JJ dropped a chip and as dadD rose up to get to it before JJ could it was already back in JJ’s mouth! YES, our little man has way fast reflex reactions versus his dadD … we both sat back and just laughed. Had you been there you would have too!

JJ and his cousins
JJ and his cousins

On reflection of the weekend I do believe our young man grew some… he seems a lot more confident and eager to speak. He is becoming very opinionated as well… not sure that’s entirely a good thing just …yet?

Over all it was a fantastic weekend, and I started the week feeling very blessed!