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I don’t follow …

JJ brushes teeth ...
JJ brushes teeth …

Yes our little man is fast leaving “babyhood” behind and moving into “toddlerhood”. He isn’t making excuses for it either …

He seems to have entered a phase in his life where exploring isn’t just about touching and feeling anymore, no he has to actually experience it too! Today, if you show him something once, yes just once, he assumes it’s you giving him permission to take full ownership. No not complaining, actually hubby and I really appreciate that to date he still sees everything as a “challenge” he CAN conquer!

He made it to the top!
He made it to the top!

Over the weekend we went to the park, hubby walked up a “small hill” can we even call it that .. and JJ hurriedly let’s go of my hand and starts to conquer the steep incline. To him I am sure it felt like Everest feels for us adults 🙂

He walked some of the way, stopped for a breather, crawled some, decided it wasn’t for him, lifted himself up and walked some more, crawled again and walked again until he finally reached dadD. JJ didn’t once give up through his adventure in the park, didn’t once look back asking for help. He was our little man on a serious mission to get to the top! Yes, and he made it intact! No scratches, no crying just sheer determination to complete what he had started. #proudmoment

Over the last few months JJ has started responding to what we say to him, not by any verbal form but by his actions. That said, sometimes we have still been the ones guiding him in the direction that we wanted him to go in. The last two weeks that’s changed though, I’ll share with you an example. Every night I get home, he comes running to greet me at the door with the warmest huge smile I’ve seen all day. Stretches out his arms, his way of requesting that I pick him up and share a hug. We grab the bottle of milk hubby has  for him and I say “vamos dormir JJ” .. “let’s go sleep JJ” if you didn’t understand it. He turns around and rushes forward in the direction of his room. Grabs the blind cable and starts pulling on it until it reaches the floor, then turns to the chair we have in his room and looks at me as if to say “what you waiting for, it’s your turn now to read” we then read before he is put into his bed for the night. The last two nights though this has changed. At first I just thought he just got it right by luck, but last night I was convinced he knew exactly what he was doing. JJ has his own room and I’m quite strict about him sleeping in there .. unless he is ill or teething then I will be a little more lenient. After our normal greeting routine and me saying we need to go to bed, he rushes off and promptly moves in the direction of our room. I stand at his bedroom door and say that this is where we need to go .. he comes  back to me… holds my hand and directs me into our room ..away from his! I shouldn’t smile or rejoice about it .. but I do .. I found it very special and just another #proudmoment

This morning he got off our bed so that he could walk over to the play area for a toy or two. I followed and got a step mom had gotten him to use when potty training starts. I placed it next to the bed and showed him that if he steps on it he may be able to get back on the bed. He can’t get on the bed, but he has discovered that he can use it to get to other items on my bedside drawer that had been pushed back out of his reach all this time 🙂 #proudmoment

So exciting times ahead me thinks. Our little man is fast becoming a man of his own.

Just so proud.