When is it appropriate to send your toddler to school?

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 The last few weeks it suddenly dawned on me that our little man will soon be reaching the school going age bracket. To be honest until then, I had not thought of which Crèche, Pre-School we could potentially be sending him to.

Until now, we’d only been concerned with where we wanted him to possibly go to for Primary School, and have done the necessary to give him the best chance of attending the school we think would be for him. However! Until such time that he is called for his first interview and hopefully accepted to the school, young man JJ needs to attend an earlier form of an educational institution.

Therein lay the confusion. Personally I’ve always had that at age 18 months he would be attending Playschool to stop him from getting bored at home with our helper. She’s doing a great job, but personally believe that JJ needs to be introduced to a more social environment that will be mentally more stimulating by professionals who have gone to school – I’d like to think they all have – learnt on this subject. I have initiated this topic with friends, family and hubby. As expected everyone has different views. Some agree with me that age 18 months is the ideal time to have your young toddler introduced to the world of formal education, and there are others who believe that age 24 months is more right. At age 2 years the toddler is mature and ready to appreciate the teachings of this environment.

I have also ventured to reading online and baby magazines in the hopes of receiving clear direction on this subject. To be honest, I’m yet to find any literature that clearly commits on this topic. The closest I’ve gotten to a clear sign as to the proper age, has been that one should assess ones child and learn from them if they are indeed ready for school!

At this junction you’re probably wondering, if with all the questions I have posed our young man is ready. Well according to ME, he is! If you ask hubby, he is … BUT .. he is still too young. Can’t we keep him home for a wee while longer … 🙂

So, while we continue to debate on this, we will narrow down the list of possible 3 schools and assess their suitability for our man…. Montessori based or Mainstream … so many decisions!

Please take part in this poll by sharing your thoughts … maybe this way I have a better idea …?



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