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How busy was that weekend!

My goodness how fast did that weekend go by!? Did you find it went by just as fast for you?

Our Saturday morning help is on maternity leave, not yet sure for how long, so this weekend was different in that we managed to have two lay in days. We got up as usual bright and early to entertain the young man ruling the roost at the moment, as well as feed him. Before we knew it our garden help had arrived to start working, then it was breakfast time for JJ and the garden help and before I knew it we had to get ready for JJ’s first swimming lesson in 2014. While all this was happening hubby introduced our garden help to the new gadget I bought online in the week, a power hose. He was so over the moon he wanted to hose anything and everything, even items that weren’t dirty he insisted they needed a bit of a wash!

Lesson kinda was a mixed bag of emotions really. We arrived a tad late .. OK .. I guess 15 minutes isn’t considered a tad right, so we were late. Still the 15 minutes we had in the pool was just enough considering how our young man has felt about the pool lately. It was a mad take off t-shirts and step into the pool, literally, so that we could join the other two dads and sons. From that very second, JJ was singing his version of one of Luciano Pavarotti’s operas. I’m not sure if it was star stage quality, but it was his version and he stuck to it for the next 10 minutes. For the last 5 minutes I think he appreciated that we weren’t going to leave the water just because he was performing, he calmed down and actually started to take part in the activities with the other boys… and enjoyed it too!

We got home and JJ enjoyed his hearty lunch before going off for his afternoon nap. Two hours later he was up ready for some jelly and a walk around the complex with our dogs. He is loving that he can walk on his own these days, the new-found freedom seemingly gives him much joy. Once the walk was over, we paused some on the grass by the house and rolled around with him and dogs. He loves this quality time there. Hubby lay on his back and pretended to be doing some crunches, little man followed suit. It was just too adorable and he could not stop giggling. I think from all the swimming and exercising JJ had a very active Saturday, and it wasn’t much of a fight following his bath and dinner when it came to being put to bed.

Sunday started no different, sans the garden help of course. I love it when Mark our garden help come, as the garden always looks amazing once he has left. He has a natural ability and in the summer the beautiful colours around the garden with the recently cut grass is something to admire. Hubby went off to the local store to get us the paper, while JJ and I got ready. Today I had arranged for a group of mates to meet up and have a bit of a breakfast as we hadn’t seen each other in years. Jane, Lise, Korien, Bruce, Linda and Ami, as well as Stefan, Lise’s brother. Sadly Bruce and his family could not make it because their home was flooded following all the weekend rain. Jane made the most beautiful blue jersey for JJ .. he will be sporting it this winter so look out for it! JJ had the best time too, he was exploring the park, loving the slides and playing peekaboo with hubby or I as well.

While playing around, once more we experienced subtle hints of bullying. As a friend’s child puts it, bullying from both brown and peach people. I find it very sad that at such tender ages .. they are not so tender. The bullying wasn’t only directed at our son, but I saw it happen between other kids as well. Instinct was to protect my son, which I did, please note no children were harmed during that, but as friends mentioned to me later I need to also watch how JJ resolves it as I won’t always be around to defend or protect him! So, going forward next time we’re at a public place with kids, I will have to breath and take a step back for a bit….

From the breakfast we rushed home as I had a baby shower to attend for an ex colleague. I arrived an hour late .. and our dear friend arrived another hour later! I thought women only arrived that late for their weddings? Anyway, it was a surprise shower which flew by once she arrived. Great afternoon organisers!

At home, we took JJ for a walk again along with the dogs. From there it was literally get ready for Monday mode, as it was bath, feed and bottle time for JJ. I think the day and weekend caught up to him, as he was really tired…. or so we thought. Hubby and I did our separate get ready for the new week routines and settled in for the night.

It truly was an active weekend for us. This coming weekend promises to be just as hectic….

Have a super start to the week!