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The end of my BIRTHDAY month is nigh …


Is it just me?

Or has this year started at an extraordinary pace … fast speed!?

I am sure it was, well it feels this way to me, just the other day that I was celebrating yet another birthday. Here we are today on the last day of January 2014 already! All things said and done it’s been a fantastic month for me, on many levels and just as challenging on many others.

January being my birthday month, I was spoilt by hubby and JJ right from the start. We travelled to Cape Town and hubby’s parents spent some time with our little man JJ .. and seem to have quite enjoyed the experience .. a little more than they expected 🙂 as the month progressed JJ’s own confidence in his walking grew to the point where he now wants to run .. and be chased .. just so he can “run” more waddle .. around the house. Our Saturday morning help gave birth to a healthy baby boy, we have given him the name of “Thabo” means joy in Tswana one of the ethnic languages spoken here. After a year’s sabbatical I went out alone with some work mates to attend the CosmoSexiestSAMen2014 … truly a fun evening! It was at this same event that I got a glimpse of the author for one of the blogs I visit regularly .. Wisaal from . I tweet-greeted her and she *waved* back 🙂 … oh how I love the cyber world! Lastly, but not least, it is also the month GOD placed our son with us!

Thankfully January was mostly filled with blessing, but there were some downers too unfortunately!

The companies that hubby and I work for are both undergoing serious restructuring, with that, there have been headcount cuts, regional changes etc. It’s not been the most pleasant places to be at the moment. My heart is sore for the families affected by these changes.

Let’s all pray that February and the rest of the year for that matter are filled with loads more positive news! For starters this weekend JJ returns to his swimming lessons, one hopes he will stop the screaming now, Sunday we will have an old friends get together for brunch and then a baby shower at lunchtime for an ex work colleague.

Have a great weekend!