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It’s been a year already!

The Kelly-Loulies
This was a year ago today 29 January 2013


I still have to pinch myself today. I can’t believe how fortunate and blessed both hubby and I are. On the 29th January 2013, God trusted us and placed our son Jeremy with us for life!

Since JJ joined us a year ago, he has revolutionised our lives as we knew it. He has turned our lives upside down in the most amazing ways. He now gives me reasons to work harder, to want to achieve more, to love unconditionally, to relax, to appreciate the little things in life more and that nothing nor anyone is perfect. Most of all he has given me a family!

In the last year I’ve experienced so much with him in our lives. Today, I know what all my mates were on about when their kids were teething or demanding all their attention. I’ve loved watching him progress and meeting his various milestones over the last year… rolling over, sitting, crawling – in all his various forms, standing and eventually walking and now running .. awkwardly ..

I’ve enjoyed watching him imitate me when clapping hands, clicking my fingers and how he just started calling out “dada”, “daddee – his version”, saying “da” – meaning give me or take from me –  his adaptation of the word in Portuguese for give, and just watching him absorb all we say to him in English and Portuguese and then regurgitate it in “baby language” when he mumbles on and on relating his day to us when we get home. I truly am and feel blessed through you being in my life son!

It has been an extraordinary year since JJ entered our lives. I have NO doubt that there is plenty more still to be revealed and experienced with him.

For now..I’m grateful …and my life feels enriched and more meaningful with you in our lives JJ!

Te amo anjo du papa!