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Is it over already?

How quickly did those 10 odd days of break from work go?! I’m not sure if it was because we were all so busy having a grand old-time or that the time was really so short. One minute I’m switching my work mobile off the next … it really did feel like it was a blink of an eye … I’m switching it back on and I’m facing the 500 or so emails that have filled up my inbox over this period.

As a recap of the holidays, we spent the first few days of the break at home, mostly shopping for Christmas presents, yes we’re those peeps that say we will start buying early in the year .. but then rush around in December trying to buy all the presents. That said, I will do my best to shop early … this year .. haven’t I heard that before from me …?

On Christmas eve we received communication from our local Home Affairs confirming that JJ’s official passport was ready for collection. WHAT? REALLY! At first I was like, just read that message from hubby again will you. Yes, I hadn’t read wrong. Called hubby and told him I was on my way to collect him and our son .. so be ready. Basically 5 minutes after entering the queues at the Home Affairs offices we had our son’s first passport! Thank the good LORD! The next morning, bright and early, we were off to Swaziland to introduce JJ to the rest of my side of the family who only knew him through photos. It was a crazy 24 hours, meeting new peeps, spending quality time with the family and watching JJ walking around so freely. Warmed my heart it did.

A special shared moment between JJ and I
A special shared moment between JJ and I

Then it was time for me to celebrate yet another birthday. Reality we can’t avoid annually. Hubby invited a select group of peeps I consider dear to me for mid-morning high-tea at Fairlawns Boutique Hotel & Spa. A beautiful morning spent with gorgeous peeps, alas some could not make it but shared such wonderful messages with me throughout the day. Thank you love for making me feel so special!

Loved all the treats, that I’m now having to burn off 🙂 and the fresh orange juices but most importantly the love flowing through the room.

Bless you all!!!

The very next day, we seem to love these early starts, all 3 of us were in our car heading to the nearest airport. We were flying off to Cape Town. This time to introduce JJ to his other set of grandparents… hubby’s side. We were in the Mother City within an hour and forty minutes and JJ had behaved throughout. Got a bit restless 30 minutes before landing, but so do we in those seats … and slept soon after hubby took him for a walk down to the front of the plane.

Lunch in Bloubergstrand
Lunch in Bloubergstrand

Cape Town weather was really great throughout our stay, with the exception of the last day where it just poured. We reintroduced JJ to the beach, he still hates the cold waters … but loved playing in the sand. It was here too, no not on the beach, that JJ started getting comfortable walking with shoes too .. Crocs .. can we call them shoes? JJ got to spend some time with his other set of grandparents and aunt, which was special to see.

We got home early last week, and left me with two days to start prepping for the start of my “fiscal” year. JJ adjusted to us being away seemingly well. We still have the early morning departures where we have teary goodbyes .. from his side not mine  🙂  but my heart does get sore about leaving him behind daily. I so look forward to returning home and laying him to sleep at night.

As the new year progresses, we’re already almost midway through the first month, hubby started a new fitness regime – Sleekgeek – and I started prepping for my re-entry into the cycling world by spinning on my own in the evenings, followed by a swim and/or weights. I haven’t exercised in earnest for most of 2013 so I feel it all now. We will persevere!

Watch this space …