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Long weekend that was …

Conversations with dadD
Conversations with dadD

Well it was a reasonably long weekend indeed, and that Sunday was a “non-working” day for all because of Madiba’s Funeral, just made it seem that bit extra long …

The great thing about it though was that as a family we managed to spend some cool quality family time together without the interference of sports on telly or grounds. Neither hubby or I had business trips over the weekend so it was really great, quality timeout with JJ and as a family.

We managed to do some Christmas shopping over the weekend, and a little bit more today. I dare say I do believe many of the Gautengers still around suffered some Cabin Fever for the mall today was really busy. Our morning as per normal started pretty early because of our son, so having sorted and attended to all his needs, hubby and I had not eaten. Arriving at the mall this morning seemed a breeze, but by the time we left, as I’ve already mentioned it was mayhem! I guess it’s all part of the festive season!

Our afternoon saw us slow things down some. We all found our spot in the house and dozed off for a few zzz, as it was a rather warm day with reasonably high temperatures I managed to get a few laps in the pool to cool down. JJ is teething again so has a bit of a runny nose, so we opted to keep him out the pool until he is back 100% of his normal self.

Following our naps, we spent the afternoon out in our garden for more quality time. JJ explored the garden some more. D filled the airwaves with magnificent music selection and I kept everyone blessed with my amazing company 🙂

JJ has been bathed, and supper fed. His now in bed, I am sure relieved the day is over. Hubby is busy searching for accommodation for us in Cape Town .. for next March. I am mentally prepping myself for work tomorrow .. and the next few days at the office. At least it’s four days and I’m on leave for a few days with my family.

Hope you all had a blessed weekend!