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We’re online… globally?

Marcus Mabry

Back roughly at the end of July, early August a friend of ours Marcus Mabry was in South Africa covering the period Tata Madiba was hospitalized for the NYT – he is a well-respected journo, click on his name above or google his name if you’re keen to learn more about him. Whilst here he asked us if we minded being interviewed by him for his vlog?

Hubby was excited! Hubby loves the limelight and attention a very typical characteristic of a LEO … if you don’t know .. google it if you don’t believe me! I firmly believe he should have followed a career that placed him on a platform that allowed him to experience this in life. I on the other hand wasn’t so sure I wanted to be so exposed. Although my friends have this believe that I am outgoing and love this kind of attention, I beg to differ with them. Needless to say, knowing who the interviewer was and hubby’s insistence I agreed. Would I live to regret it?

The day finally arrived, early that Sunday morning JJ and I were woken up by this bright camera light on our faces. What happened to “camera, light .. action” or something like it? Is this how the Kardashians expose their lives via our screens daily? Don’t they prep? Make-up etc? Anyway, before we knew it the camera was rolling and a day in the lives of the Kelly-Loulies was rolling onto film forever.

It turned out to be a very long day, no double takes, and honestly quite weird to have a camera constantly in your face  following you around. Before we knew it supper time was upon us and we were waving goodbye to Marcus and his cameraman – David Mayer. It’s now a few months since this experience, I dare say when it was all over I did  enjoy it .. more than I had intended to or rather expected to 🙂

This is the end result Kelly-Loulié’s on NYT via Marcus Mabry … do share your thoughts on the subject matter .

Marcus thank you for the experience.