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Praise God! Extremely Grateful!

New Birth Certificate
New Birth Certificate

Yes today hubby and I are breathing loads more relaxed! Today we’re full of gratitude! THANK YOU DEAR GOD! For today we received our sons new birth certificate reflecting his new names and hubby and I as his parents!

A real sense of relief, one less stress and so much appreciation that it all happened within basically his first 12 months with us!

Leading to this point we had heard so many horror stories that it could take years for us to reach this point. For many, this was a true reality. It’s still not clear why it takes so long considering that we were granted the adoption months ago. We have recently heard there was a change to the adoption process and that it is no longer a lengthy process. Could this have been the reason why it finally happened? Could it be my constant weekly nagging to the Department of Home Affairs? Could it be because of Madiba’s passing that the government decided to relax certain processes? To be frank, I don’t really care … for now I’m thrilled that we have it and we can apply for a passport for him so that we can finally cross borders with our son!

Just one less worry …

Feeling truly blessed right now!

A new era is beginning…