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HaPpY BiRthDAy Mom

HappY BirthdaY mom
HappY BirthdaY Mom

Yesterday (27th November) was mom’s birthday and she shares it with her eldest sister who lives in Portugal. No they are not twins but born I a few years apart. Yep still don’t know how my grandparents planned it so well, considering in those days the technology was not as advanced as it is today …

Dear Mom, 

Happy Birthday may we continue to be blessed by your presence for many many more years! Thank you for being my strength when I feel weak, my guiding light when all I see is darkness, my teacher and learner, for showing me what unconditional love is, for being my mentor in life, and reminding me that tomorrow the sun will rise again and make everything bright! I could not ask for a more caring and loving mother, grandmother to my son and mother-in-law to me hubby! Love you forever and a day from your sons Mane, Darren and JJ!

To my dear aunt ….

Parabéns tia Lena, que hoje seja um dia cheio de amor, sorrisos e muita felicidade. Que Deus continue abem suar-nos com a tua presencia para muito mais tempo! Sei que não esta no Facebook mais espero que a mensagem chegue a tia na mesma. Abraços e beijinhos dos sobrinhos que amo-te muito Mane, Darren e Jeremy (Jota Jota).


Love for mom
Love for mom