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It’s 7PM ….

Carte Blanche
Carte Blanche

It’s 7PM and a Sunday evening, this can only mean one thing … then end of the weekend!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but lately the weekend just seem to go by at a rate that seems like a blink of an eye I tell you! I know it progresses at the rate it always had, still for me it just feels faster. Having given it some thought this weekend, I think it’s probably due to us being parents to our rather gorgeous son JJ. I find that our days start quite early and from then onwards until he has been put down for the night, it’s go go go …

I’m finding the weekends now revolve around his schedule and planned activities. It really does seems like we’re always doing something to do with him … and I love it! I guess I’ve looked forward to being a parent for so long that mentally I was in the right space for his arrival and to deal with all that would entail being his parent!

This past weekend was chilled, yet busy! Friday night was the normal at home following a very busy week for both hubby and I. JJ was early to bed and as hubby mentioned this weekend, a real trooper as he slept right through the night. Hubby seems to think that come Friday, our son kinda gives us the evening “off” and sleeps through. There’s no waking up 2 hours after being put down, as seems to be the trend lately. We initially attributed this “power nap” to him teething, but now I think he just does it because … he can”! Just be honest .. who’s gonna stop him?

Saturday morning was usual, JJ and I had a bit of a lay in while dadD went off to gym. DadD had not been all week, said something about giving his body a rest following the excruciating 94.7 Cycle Challenge last weekend … yeah, yeah … I make it sound light but hubby has been pushing his fitness lately and really could do with a bit of some timeout ..which he very actively did last week. Once up, JJ and I got ready for our swim session later Saturday by having some breakfast and changing from our sleep wear into more water friendly attire.

At swimming JJ was the only one from his group that had pitched. Seems either we didn’t get the memo or we “weren’t” invited to the party 🙂 .. still life must go on .. and JJ had his lesson alone. What was supposed to be a quiet uneventful 30 minutes, ended up feeling like a 60 minute session of “torture”! JJ cried right through the session, not giving in once. It’s Sunday evening, and I’m still not sure why?! For someone who loves the water, he is showing signs of not appreciating the efforts. I do hope that with the holidays around the corner he will find the love for it as he did before.

Bolo de Laranja
Bolo de Laranja

At home for lunch, JJ polished his meal as he does following our swimming sessions and went straight to bed for about 90 minutes. While he slept, I decided I wanted to try out a new recipe I’d found .. the Orange Cake. For a first attempt I honestly believe it came out rather well… yes even if I have to say so meself 🙂 They say that the proof is in the pudding right .. well that cake you see above in the picture did not last until lunch time today (Sunday). So I guess I will be baking it again soon…yes it was that good!

Sunday morning started early as I’ve already stated, JJ and dadD were off to the kitchen for a bit of a bonding session and breakfast for two. I wasn’t in the mood so carried on grabbing a few more winks before starting our day. However, once I was up it was go, go, go. First was completing the groceries for the month .. the core essentials, then it was home to pack it away while JJ had a bit of a power nap. You see JJ loves his naps, normally, but mostly straight after he ha eaten. Sometimes we have to encourage him, else he will not go to bed as easily as he should. While he slept it also gave us a chance to prepare and pack away his lunch and snacks for the afternoon.

Victoria's 2nd Birthday Party
Victoria’s 2nd Birthday Party

Today was Victoria’s 2nd birthday and we’d been invited for a braai over at her parent’s place. You see, this was JJ’s “first” birthday party with him being aware of his surroundings. It was a beautiful cosy gathering of close friends and family. Victoria was in her element, not really appreciating all the fuss or even the presents. This just once more proves my point that having a party for every birthday before they are 4/5 years old is just a waste of time and money. The kids don’t really appreciate what the parents are doing, and let’s be honest as parents you’re looking for an excuse to have a party and have friends spoil your kid with presents .

JJ had a grand time with Victoria and by 16h30 was showing signs of having had enough. At this very moment the skies were threatening to open up and bless the afternoon.

Socializing with Victoria
Socializing with Victoria

At home JJ was wanted nothing more but to get undressed and jump into the bath. He was in there for a while. Bathed and dressed, he demanded his bottle feed and I put him to bed. No fuss, no mess. He was that exhausted. He’s been sleeping soundly until now, and I have a feeling we wont hear from him again until tomorrow morning. A very hectic afternoon by his standards I dare say.

So yes, it was a busy weekend. Making it feel like it was way too short. Carte Blanche is now over, and it’s time for us to hit the sack and rest up for the week ahead. I have no doubt next weekend will be no different!

Love you JJ!