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He stands alone ….

Bath time we love
Bath time we love

This weekend started like all the others .. with the exception that we had hubby carbo-loading in preparation for his second Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge today. The evening was wet and miserable so even if we wanted to go out … there was no chance in that mini storm!

Saturday started off rather chilled, hubby was taking it easy so as not to put any unnecessary pressure before his big race. We started the day off slow, with a lay in before we could not put off starting the day anymore as a swimming lesson awaited us.

At 11h00 off we went as a family to the pool, for some reason as much as JJ loves swimming the last two lessons have not been the best experience .. for him or me! He will do the standard laps, jump up and down in the water, splash and kick .. but when it comes to learning to pull himself out the water and humpty dumpty back in … he wont stop crying! Why? We do the very same steps at home and he is laughing and smiling the whole time we are in the water …

Straight after swimming dadD had to show face at the local Cycling Expo at the Dome, pram, lunch and change of clothing for JJ off we went into the Dome. Earlier this year we were at the Argus Expo in Cape Town and prior to that we were at this very same expo in 2012 … with both these memories relatively still fresh in my mind, this year’s expo was rather low key in comparison.

Cycle Challenge 94.7
Cycle Challenge 94.7

On the plus side I managed to bump into a few friends from my previous life who were riding the 94.7 this year! My old mate Rodney eventually met up with dadD and JJ along with his little boy Eli, we spent a few minutes together catching up before JJ made it very clear that he had had a long enough afternoon and needed to have a bit of a snooze… We got home and it wasn’t long before JJ and I hit the sack and were out for the count … dadD stayed up catching up with rugby.

Sunday we were up bright and early as hubby had to be in his batch by 7h00, his start time was 7h30. Having prepped the night before, early morning on Sunday was set aside to shower, dress, fill his bottles and make sure his bike was ready one more time. Just after 6h00, dadD was on the road cycling his way to the starting line. At home JJ and I went back to bed and snoozed for another our, me … while JJ managed to snooze for 3 hours before he decided he’d had enough and wanted chill out with dadE. He had a quick bath before we had some lunch. To while away our time we danced around to HeartFM 104.9 all the way from Cape Town, when JJ decided he would surprise me and stand on his own! Yes! Oh I was the proudest dad for that brief moment he stood there. I am very sure, from his reaction to the achievement, that he had surprised himself too! He managed to repeat it a few more times for me before he temporarily got bored with it all and resorted to playing with his toys.

While all this was taking place, dadD rode himself right around our beautiful city all the way back home. He managed to do it all in 3h44 according to his GARMIN. JJ and I are so proud of him for his achievement! We were both part of his short training programme for this race, so we honestly do believe if he put more effort to training for it next year .. he has the potential of doing a sub3 in 2014!

DadD goes cycling
DadD goes cycling

Next we’re focusing on two major races in the first quarter of 2014, first one will be the 21.1km DISCHEM Race in January, followed by the ARGUS. Hubby has planned to start prepping for the first of the two already, and doing a few rides in between I am sure.

This also means that my year off has come to an end. During the holidays I have to re-start my cycling again. I have challenged a friend to the MTN MTB 20km race in Dullstroom early next year. Nthabi has accepted and completed all the challenges I placed before her this year .. so it’s only fair I do the same next year. Truth be told I will only be helping myself  .. aren’t I !?

… and that as they say was our weekend in a nutshell!