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The weekend about to pounce …

In just under 2 hours the weekend will begin for most … This weekend has the potential of becoming quite a busy one with so many possibilities in terms of activities. Tomorrow for example JJ has swimming, and if you’re in the Cycling world you will be aware of the Cycling Expo 2013 taking place currently at the CoCa Cola Dome out in the Westrand since yesterday. After swimming is done guess where we will be? Hubby’s company has a stand at the Expo and I have my own reasons for wanting to go there …

A close friend of mine Rodney is in town with his family, we saw them in July this year which is not normal. We go back … way back to our tertiary education days in Braamfontein… since we “grew up” we will normally only see each other around this time of the year … why .. well because it’s the one of the few times he travels to Jozi, because he participates in the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge … religiously annually .. even if injured! You see, Rodney had a really bad fall back in June this year, broken hip, and almost had to endure a hip replacement op! Fortunately, he is from a family of a few qualified medical professionals who advised him on securing a second and third opinion before he actually went under the knife! Anyway, I digress, not even six months later he will be riding the 94.7 this year … Insane right!? This means we will be seeing each other and our respective families this weekend too .. I hope!

On 94.7, hubby will be participating in this race for the second year now so we’re all very excited for him and are routing that he has a fantastic cycling experience and makes it back to the finish line in a fantastic time. Yes, he best do his best to achieve it! We’ve endured countless early morning cycling sessions etc and he does seem to be a lot fitter than he was a year ago!

Fathers are examples to their children!
Fathers are examples to their children!

So yes, plenty to do this weekend … behave, have fun and remember that you’re setting an example for your children!