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JJ’s Birthday Weekend

Last week JJ celebrated his first birthday, and since then he just seems to be evolving at 180km/h….

First grandma Lou arrived last week Sunday to spend some time with our little man as early Feb was the last time she had physically seen him. Although back in February, mom was his rock, this time round he was very distant towards her. It took the whole week for him to finally reach a point of comfort with her.

JJ sings for grandma
JJ sings for grandma

The weekend saw the arrival of my sister and son Nate from Swaziland. An awesome surprise and one that saw our boys get to know each other some, and motivate JJ to be walking. Instead, we say Nate, who’s already walking start crawling around the house like his cousin! It was funny at the time, and not too! The whole weekend seemed like Nate followed whatever JJ did, upon reflection I’m guessing that he felt as it’s JJ’s playground, he would wait for him to lead the way.


Saturday was the day we had sent out invite to our friends with little ones to join us in celebrating JJ’s Smurfday. Day started off with hubby going off for a little spinning session followed by a short drive to our friend Nadia’s home to collect the beautiful Smurf themed cupcakes she generously made for JJ, THANK YOU Nadia and Sean! While hubby was away, mom and I prepared the picnic platters for the picnic and my sister babysat the “twins”. At around 11am, JJ and I left for his swimming lesson. Due to dadD cycling and pure laziness really, we haven’t been for swimming lessons in two weeks. Everything was fine while we watched the earlier group go through their routine, but, when it was time for us to start a whole new JJ appeared! Initially he was enjoying the swimming as it was all familiar, as soon as a new routine was introduced JJ started his OSCAR performance! He cried and cried and cried and just would not let it stop! We finally finished the lesson and headed home, where we didn’t have too long before we had to head on to our local venue.

The Cake
The Cake

From that moment on all our little man wanted was to be in my arms, if he was put down to play with one of the uncles and aunts, it was for a short while before he demanded my attention. The picnic started off on time and JJ was surrounded by all his invited guests. Everyone seemed to have had a good time. Plenty of food all round thanks to my mom, my sister and Nate got a bit of break from their normal routine and JJ was spoilt. DadD, thank you for all the running around and support with JJ and the party. We worked as a team and pulled off a great first birthday picnic for our son JJ. THANK YOU!

To all our friends and their families, THANK YOU for taking some time out and spending it Saturday afternoon with JJ and our family!

Sunday morning bordered on being a tad depro, my mom, sister and nephew were leaving for Swaziland. As usual, JJ was up at the crack of dawn and wanted to play. Hubby is doing the 94.7 Cycle Challenge next weekend, so needs to put in as much time on the bike as possible, yes you guessed it! He was at the gym first thing. He came home with some freshly baked croissants and fruit salad, add some fresh from the oven bacon and grated cheese and you have an amazing Sunday family breakfast!

Soon after it was all goodbyes and back to normality for us all. My family travelled safely back to Swaziland and life returned to normal for us … well .. not quite! For JJ has now assumed a new personality! He is more confident… for one, he is now attempting to stand without holding onto anything, and last week Saturday he actually waved at our helper as she left. This morning as I left for work I looked at him and mentioned that I was off and needed him to behave and be good to our nanny so could he give me a kiss goodbye? Doesn’t he shake his head in a “no” action! It took everything for me not to laugh!

Yes, JJ is definately one now .. and showing us that he isn’t a baby!


JJ growing up and all his blessings - THANK YOU ALL
JJ growing up and all his blessings – THANK YOU ALL