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HaPPy 1st BiRtHdAY Son ….

HaPpY 1st bIrThDAy
HaPpY 1st bIrThDAy


It was a year ago that GOD sent an angel to this earth,

At the time we didn’t know it, that you were sent to bring blessings into our lives,

You are a precious gift who has filled our lives with so much love and happiness,

Showing us daily what unconditional love truly is,

You make us laugh even when we should be “mad” at you, putting an instant smile onto our dials,

I love how all you want is to snuggle up to your dads when you’re feeling under the weather,

When all you want at night is to nestle your head on my shoulder and pass out until morning rises,

How you try to whistle life your dadD, but all we hear are screams of excitement,

We love and are eternally grateful that your part of our lives son,

Thank you for being the blessing you are, we look forward to celebrating many more with you.

No matter how many birthdays come and go, you will always be our little boy, our greatest pride and joy!

Happy Birthday son!