You surprise me everyday …

The last few days I swear JJ is growing up daily. I say this because everyday he does something amazingly, ok for me anyway.

First I think both hubby and I can’t wait for JJ to start walking, yes we are quite aware of the consequences … but we’re looking at the positive side of it all. Going for walks without a pram for one, and just watching him being able to move about on his own.

This morning for example JJ and I are laying on our bed while hubby got ready for work, I reached over and got him his milk and water bottle and basically asked him which one he wanted. JJ moves his hand over to the water bottle and pushes it away .. that’s his way of saying .. “I do NOT want water!” … in that irritated tone 🙂 he then reaches over to the milk bottle and attempts to remove the cap. He obviously can’t manage .. yet! He then hands it to me and in “baby language” says something that was basically asking me to please remove the cap off the bottle! 🙂 As soon as I had done this he grabbed the bottle, leaned backwards and started sucking out the milk!

Yes, seems irrelevant .. but to me as one of his dads, it was just another #specialfamilymoment!

Once I had finished getting ready for work, we moved to the lounge, JJ crawling and following me. We let Faith in and continued on to the kitchen. While in the kitchen I grabbed my lunch bag that hubby had graciously packed earlier, and called JJ to say goodbye. He crawled to me, and was about to grab my legs as leverage to stand up, when he noticed that the lock we currently have in place to avoid us finding all it’s contents on the kitchen floor and protecting him from the cleaning chemicals… was unlocked!

Child Lock
Child Lock
next thing I know he is back on the ground .. I’m left wondering what’s going on .. and JJ is motoring towards the unlocked cabinet! Are you serious! How on earth does he know the difference between locked and unlocked already!? 🙂

So yes, it’s all these little things our little man JJ is doing that we find funny, enlightening, and giving us a clear sign that he is growing up.

I’m told it only gets better .. hmmm

Still he melts my heart always!