How busy was this weekend ….

It’s been a really … really long time since we’ve had a weekend this busy! That said, it was one we all really enjoyed and had a wonderful time playing it all out!

Friday, was like most of our recent summer Friday evenings have been, chilled listening to HeartFM all the way from Cape online, good wine and of cause the wonderful company of my hubby and son. JJ was loved and appreciated being part of the “big” people and when he’d had enough was asked to go to bed in his own baby way.

Saturday morning started as normal, with JJ having his milk, our help arriving for duty and hubby and I discussing the plan for the day. Once that was sorted hubby went off to gym for a bit of cycle time in preparation for his 94.7 Cycle Challenge. It will be his second one and he is hoping for a better time than his first. This will also be him hoping for a better start time for next year’s Argus Cycle Challenge .. yes his second one!  JJ and I are totally supportive and behind hubby’s efforts! When hubby got home from gym we all left for the first of our points of interest this weekend …

First to order was the Retirement Expo .. yes you read right! Hubby’s folks are moving on in the year and in need of more delicate care. So we took this expo as an opportunity to see if we could find something suitable for them, at the same time we also looked at understanding how it all works .. so that we know what to do when our turn comes up. JJ was basically the youngest male in the room, and the star of the show with all the elderly ladies .. yes I said it before … our son is a serious charmer! We then decided to visit Mike’s Kitchen for some lunch at Northgate Mall.

When I left there I recalled why we haven’t visited one in a long time .. I think the best meal was JJ’s! Yes, the rest of our meals was so below standard! I actually think it was because of the meal that we changed our minds about going on to the African Cycling Expo and travel home instead, A good move I say. JJ was tired and just wanted to sleep. A power nap we had before we had to drop off our Saturday help and start JJ’s bath and bed routine.

JJ went straight to bed, with minimal fuss and slept right through until morning. I love these evenings…

Sunday are our family lay in bed all day days. Today though we could not execute it completely, for there was much to be achieved. First we had Byron’s First Holy Communion to attend, followed by a delish lunch and company before we headed to the local SPAR supermarket for some items we were missing at home. At the lunch JJ was once more the centre of attention. Moving from one person’s arm’s to the next … and I think what he loved the most.. playing in the jungle gyms and receiving all the attention.

The weekend also gave me a great opportunity to get a few missing items for JJ’s birthday picnic, it’s not that far off now, and start planning the afternoon.

It was a really busy weekend for us all, and for now we’re paying for it as I think JJ was really over stimulated and refusing to go down with ease ….

Have a super start to the week!