JJ’s adventures continue ….

dadD and me
dadD and me

.. JJ seems to be growing up so quickly lately… the responses he gives us and actions he takes leave his parents glowing with pride!

This past weekend we were sitting in the lounge, in between rugby games of course, when I looked at JJ and asked him for a kiss. At first he just looks at me and doesn’t respond. I asked again .. begging this time .. and as if to put a stop to it all, JJ leans over to hubby and plants a kiss on him! REALLY! YOU just pulled that stunt on me at your age!?

Hubby and I looked at each other and could do nothing else but laugh out loud – yes LOL ! As if to affirm that the action he took was really what he intended to do .. he gives dadD another kiss and smiles at me 🙂

Oh well, that was that! One can’t argue with a determined man who knows what it is he wants…. now can we!

However, a little later I was in the kitchen getting his milk ready for bed and had him sitting on the counter telling me yet another story that happened to him during the day … clearly I wasn’t totally immersed in his day… as there were parts I had missed…when out of the blue he leans over to me and plants a kiss on my cheek .. looks at me and smiles! How’s that for .. dadE relax I was only playing with you … I still love you LOTS! 🙂

Earlier in the day, we took JJ for his weekly swimming lesson. I have no doubt this is his favourite part of the week. Swimming is what he looks forward to all week! He arrives at the poolside and watches earnestly as the earlier group go through their activities and as they are about to finish their lesson he is on the floor gunning for the edge of the pool!

This past weekend was their first time to go under water. JJ was a real trooper! Not a peep out of him, whilst many of the others were making their feelings abundantly clear to their parents – “this isn’t cool dude!”
For JJ it was all new, I could see from the look on his face that he wasn’t sure why he was being made to go under water … almost a look of “uhm when did I say you could do that …” still, he played along and I’m happy that whilst under water he kicked those gorgeous legs with all his might stretching out to reach me soonest!

I do hope he enjoys swimming as much as I do …