14 days and counting …

Time is unbelievably going by pretty fast! Feels like JJ’s been with us all his life … and like he has been a part of ours forever! That said, I’m in planning mode 🙂 .. yes because in 14 days JJ turns 1! Yes he moves away from being considered a baby … towards being called a toddler! Yes, it makes me proud!

Why you may be wondering, well because soon I have no doubt it’s probably more like a year or more, he will be actually using proper words to communicate with his folk and not using baby language that requires at least 3 non existing dictionaries for us to be able to decipher what he is saying!

Strawberries & White Chocolate

Party plans though are well in progress, thanks to aunties Kanitha and Nadia for the support so far and of course dadD too! I’ve been tasked with the creation of the actual birthday cake … so please do come back to see the end results! The picture of the strawberry is there just to give you a hint of what the cake and theme may be like …

Super excited to see it all come together our little man, I think he deserves it and it’s going to be so much fun seeing him with all his playmates, friends and family on the day.

The task at hand now is to see if he will learn how to blow out his only candle on the cake with pride!