Fun filled weekend

JJ feeding time
JJ feeding time

…The last two weekends have been rather hectic. Hubby has had to travel some for work or been at one late rugby game after another. JJ has been ill with back to back ailments over the last few weeks. He went from gastro, to cold and cough, and just as I thought we were out of the woods he started cutting set number 5 of his teeth!

Over this period he has also turned 11 months, yep in a month’s time he will be a whole year old! “We’ve” decided he is entitled to a little birthday gathering, yes I know, so we’re in the midst of planning something for him. Granny and possibly aunt and cousin will be joining in the fun in a few short weeks! A theme has been decided on, and a venue. Now to put everything else into place too!

Over the last few weeks, JJ has grown absolutely confident in his crawling, standing and dropping himself to the floor! He can’t wait for anyone to assist him to the floor.

He is ever so talkative too, tries to whistle like when hubby calls the dogs.. but all one hears is a loud shriek! It’s too adorable for words! He is slowly learning to be confident in waving goodbye to us when we leave for work, and he must kiss both of us when saying goodbye. One kiss just wont do!

“The man who raises a child is called a father… not the one who helped make the child …” – unknown

This past weekend we went to the Jazz in the park afternoon and JJ just wanted to crawl everywhere. He really seems to be loving the outdoors. I am cautiously looking forward to when he starts walking .. if there’s such a thing 🙂 Swimming is back too, and he is still loving every minute that we’re in the water!

So the invitations have gone out, a few RSVP s have arrived too and now to find some items we’re missing CAKE, plates, food, drinks etc …

Loving this role of parenthood!