Warm Friday Evening @HOME!

Book featuring hubby
Book featuring hubby
…. It’s Friday evening, JJ is asleep and hubby is busy braaiing us dinner! It’s a stunning evening here in JHB… beautiful clear sky, warm … and feeling blessed after a rather horrid start to this day …

So bright and early this morning hubby rushes off to a book launch. A book he mentioned at the beginning of the year but never again after that … The book finally launched this morning and that the picture you see … “Branding & Marketing You Through TEAMS by Donna RACHELSON”

So yes I’m rather proud that he has made it into yet another literature medium… Now can’t wait to see him actually finishing one of his own!

Hubby's words of wisdom
Hubby’s words of wisdom
On a different subject matter altogether, it’s going to be a very busy weekend in Gauteng, there Nissan Trail MTB race happening, the BOKS are playing the ALL BLACKS, I have to run errands and keep our little man JJ entertained.

As I’m not feeling 100% yet … it currently does feel like I’m climbing a mountain …

Have a great weekend!