So now it’s our turn …

JJ has been ill this week, initially everything he ate landed on the bed, floor or on me! We then took him to see our Doctor who mentioned he had caught a bug from someone … now who could it be! As you may guess my mind started processing all possibilities immediately! Maybe the guys at the pool last weekend or someone at the park?

Let me take you back to post swimming last weekend…. I laugh to myself as I think about it! Last weekend while at swimming one of the boy’s dad informed me that they weren’t around the previous weekend because their boy had gastro and had proceed to share it with his mom and dad. I kept a straight face at the time and carried on with the small talk. When we got home I mentioned to hubby that I found it strange that the parents also got gastro from their little boy… don’t they wash their hands before and after cleaning their son up?!?

We feel ill ...
We feel ill …

Me and my big mouth! Following all the vomit showers this week and cleaning up after JJ’s sharing of his post eaten meals and milk bottle consumption, what happens this morning!? I … ME … start the day feeling nauseas, and a hectic runny tummy! HOW on earth! From who! Hmmmm …. I shamefully admit that yes, one can very well catch the tummy bug from your kids .. washed hands .. 100% alcohol infused hand washes post clean up … still you can be exposed!

So it’s a weekend of a full working tummy .. do hope I can keep something in … and don’t give it back to JJ and maybe share it with hubby! 🙂