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JJ changes direction ...
JJ changes direction …

… JJ has been crawling … albeit backwards .. for a while now. It didn’t matter where we placed the toy in front of him .. he always found a way to reverse into it! This manner of him getting around the house then progressed to him leopard crawling .. forwards in the last two weeks! Needless to say his dads were extremely thrilled that he has finally started moving/crawling forwards. It wasn’t quite the standard crawling motion most of us are familiar with .. perhaps he has this urge to join the army one day and protect his country and is only getting himself familiar with the motion on how to creep up to the enemy line without being detected!

While waiting for our family Doctor to see arrive from his lunch break, Faith spoke away updating me on the milestones our son was meeting. You need to understand that Faith sees more of dadD than she does of me! See she arrives as I’m leaving for work and dadD is the one who is able to go home early and take over looking after JJ. Anyway, she proceeds to let me know that JJ has now, since this past Monday, started making more of an effort to crawl forwards. I was like .. oh yeah right .. I want to see this!

So it wasn’t until this morning while I was in the shower, that dadD and I saw this miracle! Yes! it is a miracle! I know as parents we’re not “supposed” to compare our kids .. but who of you can honestly say it didn’t/doesn’t eat you a little when you hear that a friends child is doing something different to your child or rather doing something your child hasn’t quite reached doing?! A few kids on our block the same age as our JJ were already confidently crawling forwards, but not our JJ. Yeah, I admit it .. I wanted him to as well! As I was saying, while showering I requested dadD to place JJ in my eye view in case he left the room, and asked that he place a few of JJ’s bath toys in front of him to see if what Faith claimed was true! WOW! Were we like two little school girls screaming and clapping away at little JJ, when he very slowly with meticulous precision lifted his body off the ground and move/crawls forwards until he reached his toy! YAY! for reaching yet another milestone anjo do papa!


New bedding
New bedding

On a separate topic ALTOGETHER, I came across this amazing special whilst looking for new bedding for our growing boy! ย I am so looking forward to actually visiting their nearest store and having a look at what else is on offer! You must agree it all looks so amazing?

You can visit their website here !