Ignorance ?

Yesterday, 9th September 2013, Radio 702 on Redi’s show the topic of conversation had to do with the recent challenge to amend the Children’s Act so as to reduce the discrimination it’s alleged some groups experience.

One of @reditlhabi’s readers comment had me thinking and furious! He said “Agencies are correct. How can men raise a child especially if its a female? What if they sexual abuse the child?” Really? In this day and age we still have such backward thinkers living in cosmopolitan society?

What evidence does he have that it’s only gay men that are pedophiles? Every other day we read about children abused by mother’s husband or a boyfriend or how men abduct young girls and keep them prisoners, but I guess these men are “OK” to adopt then? What ignorance! Please have your facts right before you go pointing fingers or commenting on a subject matter that you clearly have no knowledge or privy to hard facts!

All they need is love ...
All they need is love …

Presumably South African statistics show that there are over 1.5 million children that would benefit from being adopted, so why would you discriminate against gay individuals single or married from making a positive difference to one or more of these children’s lives? These agencies and individuals that refuse to deal with potential parents because they pray to the “wrong god” or are of the “wrong sexual orientation” or “wrong race” who’s interest do they really have at heart? Are these really valid reasons to refuse to assist an individual or couple to fulfill a dream of a family? Checks and tests are conducted before being granted custody of a child, that gives you as the Social Worker and high level I guess, overview of the applicant(s). Are these not to assist you in assessing whether they would make potential suitable parents? Why then discriminate even before getting to this point?

It just seems some of these agencies and individuals are “OK” with seeing these individual children suffer while they go home to warm beds. Are they then fit to be so called social workers?

Three weeks back I posted an article on the DA’s amendment proposal here, this week there have been a few more articles on this proposal.  Allegations that some agencies have homophobic and pro-Christian policies have sparked an investigation by the Human Rights Commission.  You can read more about it at  The Times Editorial covers in more detail …

Just my thoughts …


UPDATE found this posted on the Pretoria Adoption Support Group on Facebook. If you’re aware and/or are keen..

Hi Everyone, I received a call from Thabang Masanabo from eNews Channel. Please find below her message. If anyone is interested, please get in contact with her a.s.a.p. Thank you, keep well. Michelle duP.

Hi Michelle 

As briefly discussed earlier, My name is Thabang Masanabo from the eNews Channel.
Recently news that the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) is probing reports that adoption agencies discriminate against foreigners who are gay, lesbian, non-Christian and over-forty. We would like to tell this story and we need your assistance to identify a couple that is either homosexual, over forty, single parents or foreigners who are trying to adopt a child but are struggling due to red tape.
What are some of the challenges and the red tape and how has ths affected the couples journey to adopt? Please consider and advise if you know of anyone who would be willing to speak to us on camera in the Gauteng area. We will come to them for a half an hour interview that will be broadcaset on the eNews Channel. 
I wait to hear from you, Regards, Thabang, 082 884 6304

Source: http://www.timeslive.co.za/opinion/editorials/2013/09/09/orphans-are-being-failed-by-prejudices-of-adoption-agencies