So it’s Monday once more …

JJ's first trolley dash
JJ’s first trolley dash

How quick did this weekend fly by us?! Anyway, Saturday was an early start for us as a family, we moved insurance companies and had to pop into one of their select appraisers to have the cars assessed before cover started.

As mentioned it was an early start for us, that means we left home without really having breakfast with the exception of our little boy, of course! Popped into one of our local Mugg & Bean outlet,  but was very disappointed by the meal itself. The Hollandaise sauce on my Eggs Benedict was just awful!

Then it was off to my favourite store in the whole world, #giggles# the iStore! I finally purchased their Macbook Air! I’ve been wanting this little number for a long time and I’ve finally secured one! I guess because I was so busy over the weekend, it wasn’t until last night when I managed to get round to setting it up. So far I’m in the getting to know phase, I will say that hubby has scored on the Macbook Pro he has inherited from me. I had forgotten the password for our Time Capsule .. fortunately I have since remembered it and can’t wait to get home to link my new toy to it.

swimming at Aquatots Douglasedale for JJ’s weekly swimming lesson before we headed home for a bit of a bite, and nap. I had a function that same evening so I popped into our local barber for a bit of grooming.

Once home we had a quick change and headed off to Talia’s 10th Birthday party. A beautiful afternoon filled with loads of kids activities, laughter …  all that we associate with a kids party! Needless to say little JJ loved all the love and attention, leading to us getting home with an over stimulated son.

Sunday was a lazy day, hubby had the last SA Duathlon to race, but took the lazy Sunday too literally and didn’t get up to race. We finally decided to get out of bed at about 14h00 .. this only because we had to go get “fresh” veggies for JJ’s weekly meals. This led to JJ having his first trolley shopping experience, which by the way he loved it!

Over all a busy weekend .. but one that was chilled somewhat!