Christi and Nico Panagio

We all heard of the Madonna and Angelina’s multiple adoptions , and we also are aware of the likes of Sandra Bullock following suit.

That said there aren’t too many local South African celebs that have gone the adoption route in our recent history with the exception of perhaps Charlize Theron (baby Jackson). For me it wasn’t until today that I realised that there was another! Nico and Christi Panagio (Pasella, Survivor SA, 7de Laan fame) in 2012 they adopted little Evah.

They have chosen to protect Evah from too much exposure to public life, hence the limited to no pictures really online of her. Even in this Pasella clip we privy to pictures only of her.

On the side, they too used Procare Adoption Agency .. as we did.