Busy weekend …

Our past weekend was hectic… or rather our schedule looked like it was going to be yet another busy weekend.

Saturday morning hubby went off for a 2 hour gym stint “in preparation” for his first 21.1 km race the next day. Then we were off to run as many errands we could fit into the time that was left before it was our son’s swimming lesson.

Arriving a few minutes late, yet still on time for our lesson, JJ and I rushed into the change room so that we could both change into our superhero costumes! As I fit JJ into his costume the zipper breaks! Fortunately, the area of concern was all tightly secured, so he jumps into the pool with the zipper down portraying a very “macho man” look! As the weeks go by, he is seemingly enjoying the lessons. He is kicking naturally either on his tummy or back, and is even working on standing on the step and holding onto the ledge!

Thirty minutes later we were done, changing into his tracksuit like a real pro. Biscuit in hand we were all buckled up in the car heading home. We attempted to purchase some lunch en route but our young man was too tired and asleep soon after hitting the road with his milk bottle empty. Arriving home though he was up, I took this opportunity to feed him his solid lunch and tucked him into bed for a little long nap.

While he napped I prepped his lunches and dinners for the new week and hubby caught up with the weekend news and rugby. I love cooking for JJ, trying out new recipes and combination of foods. Fortunately, he is still enjoying all his veggies for now. I do hope this will continue….

…Sunday morning “RACE DAY” I get a nudge from hubby suggesting we make it a lay in day. I’d sensed from the night before that he wasn’t mentally ready for the race. Normally I can be quite the “dictator” when I know you’ve trained and have committed to doing something. In this case I knew that he has another race, Duathlon this next week, so didn’t push back.

We had guests arriving at 1 pm, so the morning was spent getting the necessary and scrabbling back to the house so it was all neat and tidy and ready for our guests. While getting stuff for the lunch, we managed to spend a good 45 minutes getting JJ a new wardrobe. We have found that he is outgrowing a recent wardrobe update way too quickly. He is now wearing clothing fit for a 2-year-old! He isn’t even one yet … let’s see how long these lasts …

Lunch was super nice, seeing Shafie and her family was a real blessing. Her eldest son I hadn’t seen since he was 4 years old, has grown into a wonderful young man! Then I got to meet her youngest son, whom I may have met at some stage in his early years… but do not recall and can not vouch for this fact. Although he comes across as shy and reserved, I enjoyed speaking to him and getting to know him. He has such depth to him and awesome dreams… I wish them both much success and a lifetime of joy!


Shafie, you see I can spell your name correctly when I make some effort 🙂

Hope you and the boys traveled safe and are full of energy  to tackle the next chapter!

So.. just like that, a busy weekend came to an end.

Amo meus amores!