Another First for our little man

Yesterday morning while we waited for Faith our help to arrive, I decided to place JJ on the floor so that I could get my things ready for work. Normally I’m still dressing and chatting to our son when our nanny arrives… yesterday was not the case.

I placed some toys in front of our little man too, so as to encourage him to move forward for a change, he currently only wants to crawl backwards. I firmly believe that at one point JJ through his frustration and screams in an effort to comply with his papa’s unspoken request .. did actually move forward.

Hubby was still at home as well, so I called him out of the kitchen with excitement .. and he too swears our young man moved forward in his attempt. Needless to say .. it would not be repeated, and the screams of frustration grew louder.

I picked him up expecting him to bend his knees and drop to his favourite position .. sitting. OMW! He wasn’t doing that all! He just stood there holding onto my hands!!

Oh what a proud and amazing moment. The lounge was filled with excited noises from both his dads. We both had these huge grins, applauding our JJ for this achievement!

In return he finally sat and proceeded to clap his hands as well!

What an amazing start to my day!

Te amo anjo!