Paper Anniversary

… WOW! How this year has flown by us! So many blessings, too many to mention. The biggest for me though the arrival of our son JJ!

He has changed our lives for the better, given us a reason to strive for more, and love each other more, he has made us into a beautiful family!

This past year has really forced D and I to look at our lives differently, become less selfish of our time, love more unconditionally and be ok with baby poo on our hands from time to time.

We’ve learnt to appreciate each other’s strengths and weakness, and support each other when required. D has learnt to appreciate my passion for sleep now more than ever, whilst I have learnt that with a child having D’s patience is EVERYTHING!

This first year as a married couple I’ve found has brought hubby and I closer on many levels, we’re communicating so much better than we used to and take each other for granted less.

That said, I’m still always right even when I’m wrong … 🙂

It’s been a fantastic year, and I feel extremely blessed!

Happy Anniversary love!


Happy 1st Anniversary
Happy 1st Anniversary