JJ in action
JJ in action
… Our young man is now 9 months old, basically he has been our son for 7 months now! Where has all the time gone?

We’ve shared so much with him, it truly feels like it’s been forever. Over the last two weeks though, he had his first “serious” ailment. He was man down with a bout of cold and cough. He had difficulties breathing through his nose, and the coughing woke him up at every coughing session…. until then he hadn’t experienced it .. he didn’t know what a cough was, he doesn’t know how to blow his nose… we both felt helpless…. he felt defeated…

Roughly ten days later, and thanks to the amazing meds shared by our good reliable Dr. Mark!

He is now moving around pretty confidently on his tummy … backwards! All attempts to entice him to move forward have not proven successful yet. We see the frustration within him, as I think mentally he so wants to oblige … alas his body just isn’t following. We continue to persevere … it will happen in his own time I am sure.

He has had his second swimming lesson, and by all signs he is still quite content to maintain the activity. Considering that before we left he was feeling miserable and hungry… and when we got there his mood lifted immensely!

In two months our little boy turns 1! I’m so excited! I know I’ve been the one suggesting we not have a party for him as he will not recall it … but I’m so tempted for us to have one … 🙂

love you anjo du papa!