The weekend that was …

Hubby's 2nd Duathlon
Hubby’s 2nd Duathlon

… …it was anything but normal … I worked late because of a crisis we were having in one of the countries I manage. Needless to say the weekend ended and we still had to resolve the issue.

On a family level, on Saturday I went for some retail therapy as a local store was having a 50% sale! Who misses a sale… right? Hubby’s birthday coming up so had to get a couple of items for him … then me as I just couldn’t resist the opportunity at hand .. and of course our little JJ needed to get his first set of GAP clothing … I know spoilt! Later, JJ blessed us with an attempt at crawling. Hubby and I were so excited .. I swear we were like two little boys on Christmas day who’d just received what they asked for.

JJ tries to crawl
JJ tries to crawl

Sunday, was an early start with hubby competing in his second Duathlon. I’ve never seen him so ready for an event. He competed well and was ranked 9th overall. His time was slightly off by 2 minutes .. but hey … he survived it and is so ready for his next one in October!

I’m next with a 20km next weekend …

Amo minha familia..