A day full of milestones …

What a day today turned out to be!

Every morning over the last couple of months since JJ joined us, anywhere between 4am and 6am, he joins us for his first bottle of the day. He has his morning performance of shouting and screaming because we’re taking too long to give him his bottle… this is then followed by I now want to chat .. so you both listen up and don’t ignore me!

So what his conversation entailed was mostly loads of ehs, ahs, spitting, more ehs and ahs and more spitting before he has another nap and I am able to also have a few more zzzzzz before I can’t sleep on as I have to head on to work.


“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

– Buddha

Today was no different, he started with his ehs and ahs .. but this was followed quickly by da … so it went “eh ah da da”. Hubby and I were obviously over the moon. Hubby mentioned it first, I hesitated because although I’d heard it too .. I wanted to manage my expectations. It wasn’t long and JJ thought we weren’t paying attention and he just went on with the da da, da da non stop for at least what felt like 5 minutes but was actually 30 seconds.

Needless to say hubby and I were over the moon!

Now, it may seem like we’re expecting our 8 month old son to be an over achiever, so it may be the case .. aren’t all parents expectant that way with their children? Since JJ came into our lives, we’ve mentally registered the milestones the “experts” say he should be meeting as he grows. With the help of our nanny, we’re all working towards JJ meeting these milestones on schedule. Besides, getting him to speak we’re at the stage he should be crawling….but isn’t!

Today he apparently was motoring backwards through the park. Came home all soiled as he would not stop crawling … backwards! Two thing, I say apparently because I personally have not seen it happen.. neither has hubby! Secondly, yes he is crawling backwards. According to the experts this is how it should all start. First backwards, then forwards before he is able to stand on his own and walk.

So yes, today was full of achievements for our little boy… overachiever .. maybe not quite there .. but certainly a boy with an exceptional ability to make his parent fill up with pride from meeting so many of his growth milestones!

He is the best thing that’s happened to us thus far this year!

Te amo filho!