8 months … 6 months … 8 teeth …

254318_10151790550574853_1261675953_nThis month our son celebrated his 8th month. Along with that we celebrated 6 months of being together as a family.

These last 6 months have been the best! Better than I had ever dreamt they would be, lived up to every expectation I ever had about becoming a parent … and more! JJ has been a total blessing to my hubby and me .. Yes I know it should have read I .. who wants to always be normal .. right … perfect always …anyway!?!

That’s exactly what JJ has taught me .. to relax more .. and not fret for the little things in life, not to worry about things I can’t control .. for that too shall pass … rather live for the moment .. appreciate all the daily blessings big or small, our health.. enjoy and appreciate life and all its blessings!

In the last 6 months, we had our first long weekend of teething. First two cut through, and what an experience it was. JJ was clingy, didn’t want to be placed in his bed even though he was totally tired. A month later, fortunately over a long weekend, the bottom two cut. This time round he really made us appreciate parenthood. It was a long weekend filled with cries from our son, mild fever, many dirty diapers and finally on the last day of the weekend .. they cut .. two little shoots in the bottom gum! Throughout, JJ was brilliant! He is a real warrior, strong like David …

So that’s four right .. the next four, two on top and two at the bottom appeared with little to no fuss from our warrior. Today, JJ sports eight teeth. All pearly white, giving him the most amazing smile!

JJ, is growing up incredibly fast, well it seems that way. He is bulking up, scaring hubby at times, but he will lose it all once he starts crawling, standing and walking I am certain. For now he is meeting all his other milestones, and loves showing us that he can turnover onto his back with no help from his dads.

He continues to bring both hubby and I immense love and joy, daily.

Obrigado anjo do papa!