The weekend that was …


Happy 4th Month JJ

… Last weekend was one we would call “over stimulation” for JJ…. especially Saturday. Saturday JJ was invited to his first birthday party. It was so cute watching him watch everyone else around him.

Being not even 1 yet … the others 5 or older … it was clear that we the parents would be his playmates for the hour we were there. He was loved by the other mommies at the party, but who wouldn’t love this gorgeous little man!?! I ask you with tears of joy in my eyes….

From the party, it was off to Meadowlands Soweto for JJ’s and his parents first “Kasi Wedding”… wow what a special afternoon into the evening it was! My gorgeous friend Neo looked so beautiful! The day was really her in every sense, and to see her so happy was extra special! Needless to say JJ managed to charm all his dad’s lady friends at the wedding and more ..

Again .. refused to sleep and watched it all. The only time he made a sound was when he knew his bedtime was nigh .. amazing how his body knows this without any prompting … no outside stimulation at all … still astounds me this body function he possess …

Needless to say by the time we got home it was way past his usual bedtime, he had a quick bath and late supper before he was in dreamland.

Sunday we decided was going to be an “us” family day. We lay on the bed late, dad E caught up with all his PVR series and dad D … well he read the papers and caught up with Facebook 🙂 .. JJ just enjoyed the love and attention.

Well we’re on the verge of starting a new weekend .. what will it hold for us …