Where do I start ….!?!

…. We got back from Sabie last Sunday after yet another weekend of cycling. As mentioned in a previous post already, JJ was a star throughout the weekend!

Since then however, I’ve not left the house!

Not because I couldn’t but because I have been wanting to spend as much time as I could with JJ, as we have but one more week before I return to working from our official work office. Needless to say, although I didn’t feel like I needed some “me” time, clearly to those close to them I needed it!

I’d been meaning to go for a haircut for a while and wasn’t sure when to do it. Well it’s done now and I think I look gorgeous!

That said, I guess I am 50% ready for the wedding this weekend of a very special friend. Now for the present and what to wear ….

Working from home ...
Working from home …