What’s in hiring help?

The Nanny ...
The Nanny …

… with only a few more days of working from home … hubby and I have to give some serious consideration to hiring help to tend to JJ when we’re at work.

Who do we hire? Male or Female? Nationality – does this really matter? Will the help just tend to JJ or do household too? What should be their working hours? Do we feed them or should they bring their own meals? What’s a fair salary .. not just for them .. for JJ too! What training should they have? Will they look after him well? So many questions… pray Lord guide us to the right one please!

After much searching, reviewing of CVs, calling on references, it seems we’ve finally agreed on the one to look after JJ as it were us ..

An offer has been made that we believe is fair, fingers crossed they believe it is too. For soon I have to go back to work, and trust my son’s life to her. To be honest, although I am well aware this is something that has to happen, I dread this first day when I have to return to the working from the office and no longer from home. Not sure if it will be I or JJ that will need to calm down and adjust.

Life must go on and we have to adapt …