Our first weekend away …

On the road we go
On the road we go

… Our Sabie weekend was finally here!

For some reason hubby and I always packed more than we needed when we travelled, now it seems we have to cut down our luggage so that JJ’s luggage alone has space in the car!

Early afternoon we finally arrived at our guesthouse, not of course without first getting lost literally meters from the place. JJ was a start throughout the trip. Crying once, because he was dirty, but otherwise a real trooper!

We survived our first night with minimal stress, JJ slept like an angel cried once or twice for feeding and slept. Hubby had to hit the road early for the start of the race. JJ and I joint him a little later. He enjoyed being out. He was taking in every sight, sound, basically all his surroundings for much was a first for him.

Yes perhaps over stimulation for one day ….

The weekend was also a first braai for JJ as we enjoyed dinner with the Greenwood-Selbys. Normally JJ would have gone to bed and slept, however, he wanted to be part of the party and would only eventually fall asleep in my arms whilst we all chatted around the braai, then he slept right through to morning.

Walking home with hubby, while holding JJ in my arms, reminded me of my childhood in the small village in Mozambique. It was normal on weekend to go over to family friends, me sleeping when the night got too much and having my folks carry me home and put me to bed…. just another confirmation that life is one big circle … how as much as we run from being like our parents … we really just become better versions of them …