The weekend that was …

…. This past weekend was hectic in all senses for little JJ.

Friday grandma left for Swaziland … and somehow I believe that JJ sensed that she wasn’t here … or was it him sensing his parent’s apprehension following his grandmother’s departure?

That said, Saturday was extremely busy … if I as an adult felt it was busy I can only imagine what it was like for JJ. We had lunch we friends from Australia we haven’t seen in over 2 years … and from there we rushed off to celebrate aunty Michell’s birthday. We eventually only got home around 21h00 and JJ was fast asleep. He slept from 1830 all the way to 3am … best he has done to date! But taking the day he had … I can’t blame him. It did make his dads extremely happy.

Sunday was rather subdued. We all took it easy. I caught up with my missed favourite shows, dad D caught up with his emails, and JJ caught up with his food and sleep. Aaaah the life of a babe….

What does the week ahead hold for us all …

Ciao bello!