Do parent unwittingly instil fear ….?


… so last night … early this morning  a heavy storm hit our otherwise normally quiet suburb. Loud thunders and lightening could be heard and seen. Our dogs lay there fast asleep in their bed and our little boy lay quietly, calm like an angel in his crib oblivious to the happenings around him.

I was content that all that I love and care for were safe from harm, however, my husband on the other hand was not. He felt the need to go check on his son, and negotiated that our little boy join us for the rest of the night in our bed. Although we picked up our boy around feeding time, once he was fed all he wanted was to go back to his own bed.

This made me think…. had we not reached out to him, he would have merrily continued to sleep, without a worry in the world about the goings around him. No fear of what may be, or what could be… until that moment we projected our concern of harm unto him, forever now letting him know when there’s a storm seek security of sorts …

I’m not sure what we did was entirely correct … but that’s just me …



2 thoughts on “Do parent unwittingly instil fear ….?”

  1. Had not thought of it until you wrote about it and now that I am thinking about it, I agree. Some babies have a temperament that is less responsive to ‘scary’ sounds like thunder until they are taught to ‘fear’ the sound. Not all fears, some .

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