Bringing you home from Cape Town …

The Kelly-Loulies
The Kelly-Loulies
…an early start it was indeed to bring you home to Johannesburg!
3am the alarm went off, by 6am we were all checked in and ready to fly down to Cape Town to meet you.

Two hours later we were in Cape Town, needless to say we didn’t look our best. That said, we made every effort to look our best for you. Collected our rented Hyundae Sportage and we went off to Tygervalley for some much needed breakfast and milk for you.

At 11h30 roughly we met with your Social Worker and ours, who both then led us to the Magistrate office at the Bellville Magistrate Courts where we were officially made your legal guardians with intent to becoming 100% your parents. I thought I felt great at this point .. but was I mistaken!

Straight from here, we went off to a neutral place, to meet you. You made us wait! 🙂 but you were worth it! Looking so dashing in your baby blue t-shirt and denim shorts, you were handed over to us by Lizelle. You smiled at me immediately, melting my heart in the process. From that moment I knew I loved you with every part of me.

Your dad Darren was just as smitten! I’ve never seen him be bowled over like you did him. I have no doubt he loves you just as much as I do you.

Our day eventually ended at about 9pm when we finally got home, bathed you and had you in bed.You woke us all up a few times, but it was worth it. We were just so thrilled you were home with us.

Still can’t believe you here …..

Love you!