Your name is Jeremy Joël

… after waiting for exactly 12 months we received “The Call” that you were ready to come home to us … your dads!!

Letitia, our Social Worker called us on the 22 Jan, the birth date of your late cousin Dante Cade to let us know that you were ready to come home and live with us. She emailed pictures of yourself to me, so that I could share them with you dad Darren so that he could share in the joy. Her only request was that we let her know soonest if we could travel to Cape Town in a week… Of course we can was our response, and with that the ball started rolling for your arrival.

A baby shower was planned within days by some of your dad E’s friends for the Sunday before you were scheduled to arrive, a beautiful High Tea at the Fire and Ice Hotel in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg.

Everyone we chatted to about your pending arrival told us to wait until we had completed your baby showers. We agreed and so the first generous baby shower was started at 4 and finished around 6pm. It was an amazing and beautiful shower, surrounded by many of your dad’s friends whom you shall meet soon …

Can’t wait for your arrival.