What happens next …?

So now the Home Visit has been completed…. what now?

Well I decided to contact Letitia to get a feel of what happens next. The silence was just too much.

We’re now ending Phase 2 of the process, this is the “assessment” phase I call it. Your 2 dads were assessed for suitability, our friends were met as our support structure, and our home for suitability for your arrival and future home.

I’m so happy to know that they do a thorough check of potential parents.

Next week Monday 31st January 2012, an final review of all the documents and reports on your dads will be completed. Letitia has promised to call me after 13h00 to let me know what happened. Only after this meeting will the mothers (2) be permitted to look at the beautiful book of your 2 dads lives, created by us, and we pray that one of them is your mom. She will have the opportunity to select us to take good care of you forever!

We pray you will be home before we know it!

Sleep tite!