How it started ..?

Three years ago .. I shared with your other dad that I’d like to be a parent. Ideally with him, but if for some reason it was not meant to be I would do it alone.

The plan is for you to arrive during my 40th year …

We’ve spoken about it at length, shared our thoughts about bringing you into our lives. What would it be like to share our lives, our space, our families with you.

There have been moments I’d lost hope … wondering if we were meant to be parents or not. Even felt selfish at time, wondering if perhaps we were not meant to just be the two of us… but thoughts of having you around just kept creeping back into our minds .. hearts.

We thought about a surrogate … adopting .. surrogate … adopting … we reached out to some agencies to have an idea of how to bring you into our lives. Spoke to your gran .. my mother about you … She was all for it .. and can’t wait to welcome you into the family. She asks after you every call we have … you’re loved before you’ve even joined the family.

This past Sunday 18th September 2011 … exhausted after a 15h30 flight from Vienna via Dubai … I asked GOD to give me a sign you were meant to be part of the family… HE did … HE showed me PROCARE Agency for the second time.